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Saturday, December 23, 2006

What would you say ?

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XMas is for everyone

Dear Friends,
Christmas always bring us happiness......we all eagerly wait for that month . This is time when everyone is Happy and so the no festival can be celebrated by taking ones life or giving pain to any living being. I request you not to eat meat at this Christmas or any other Xmas is for everyone. Let every living being feel the joy of it. Hope you understand what i mean. thanks.

Bollywood song for you !!

Enjoy the X'mas season !!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

K700i Comm.

Old British Style Video

i know what you might thinking right now that i am so stupid that i do not write anything but post a video......ya i can understand but i want to share some beautiful things that i like here is another song for you....hope you would enjoy song as well as video....i like the video and song.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Made In India

Presenting you the most popular Music album of India which gave birth to today's Indian Pop Industry......artist is Alisha Chinoy.....Full the volume controls of your speakers..enjoy !!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GMail and Opera Mini Experiance

yesterday i downloaded GMail and Opera Mini application for my mobile. Well let me first introduce to you that GMail is an email browser made for mobiles and Opera Mini is mini web browser for mobile made for those phones which supports Java. I have Sony Ericsson K700i mobile so first i went to "settings for java" option in my Mobile's connectivity menu and selected my GPRS profile through which i am able to surf any website. Here i should tell you that my Operator is CellOne.

After this i opened Opera mini 3.0 and selected New York Times from it's list of bookmarks and voila i saw this site on my mobile. Later on i installed GMail mobile application from and then downloaded VeriSign - Thawte Combined Root certificate zip file. I searched for PCA3ss_v4.509 file and after extracting it i renamed it with .cer extension. Then i transferred this certificate to my phone wirelessly and then opened GMail application. Entered my user name and password and guess what i got my mail box from which i am able to do anything what i do on my comp. Because of high data rates that is 1 paisa per kb ( 1 rupee=100 paise, $1=46 rupee approx.) i have disabled view pictures option in my mobile's native browser as well as Opera. I have also done some extra settings in GMail settings to prevent higher data charges. can see that world of information has come to my hand and i can use Internet and email whenever and wherever i want. I can also upload pictures through Opera and anyone can see on my opera album. For more info. on Opera mini :-

Thanks for reading.

Update:- here is the video for GMail Mobile

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shakira's Indian Dance at MTV Awards'll ask what special in it.....then i would say that the first time shakira has learnt to dance on Indian steps..... Shakira is performing "Hips Don't Lie" to the dance moves of popular Indian Choreographer Farah Khan. The award show was held on August 31st 2006 in Radio City Music Hall.Add to that her phenomenal fan base that includes Indian Americans, and one sees just why a 3-minute performance with a Bollywood backdrop became larger than life.Succoured by an equally loud group of lehenga attired backup dancers, she kick-started the performance in a muted Indian classical dance format replete with popular mudras.
The potpourri performance, which veered uneasily between classical Indian, popular Indian and hardly-Indian bearings, is credited not only to Farah Khan (who seemed overawed with the dancer and under-sourced with the content) but also to Chicago's classical Indian dance company Kalapriya Dance and its artistic director Pranita Jain.She wore a dress similar to a sari suitably adapted for a bout of vigorous hip gyration.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Animals do feel pain

Dear Friends , as we feel pain by just plucking our single hair so do those poor and helpless animals. Just for the taste of our tongue we take their life in spite of the fact that they have the feeling of love, pain,emotions for humans and among themselves. The taste for that we crave, is a magic of spices. We must have control on ourselves so that we do not become the cause for the death of the animal. We eat fishes but we do not think about the situation they face when they are forcibly get out of the water just for your tongue. It's just like drowning you in the water and keep there until you die. I hope you can understand. Some people are discussing these thoughts in Orkut and here is the address :- . I request you to become vegetarian and inspire your friends to quit animal flesh after all who wants to make his/her kitchen morgue and his/her stomach a crematorium. This group features a lot of good links that can be helpful for you to become the friends of animals like:- Thanks.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Love Sony Ericsson TV Advt.

Hi folks !

This video is creating waves on various TV channels so i thought to share it with you. Don't forget to post your comments as they are always welcomed :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jaipur Mirchi

My friend at Radio Mirchi e-mailed me this picture. "ab sab kuchh clear hai" means everything is clear now...clear in terms of signal reception. According to the poster, they have the tallest FM Radio tower at Jaipur which broadcasts it's programmes at 98.3MHz. and in some of the Indian Cities too.Mirchi stands for chilly which usually hot because of it's flavour that's why channel's tag line is "it's hot ! "

Monday, December 04, 2006

New Theme

You know, i just got a new makeover for my phone. I downloaded new Madonna Theme for my phone and it looks cool !!! You can see it in a picture. It looks so vibrant although in B&W. I thank to the person who created it and to for providing millions of theme on every subject one can think. You just select your phone and put the search item in a search box or browse available themes. Thanks to SE for making such a cool n customizable phone. Hey ! don't you think it would be fun to click on the link to know more about what i use .... chk it out guys.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Madonna's cool Video

well...there are lots of videos but i want to share this video with you.

There was a time in 80s when this avatar of madonna created storm and every girl tried to be dressed up as her. In fact every country had/has it's Madonna. Alisha is known as a Madonna of India. She released her album around 85 (can't remember exactly). The name of the album was ALISHA-MADONNA in which she sung 8 singles of Madonna in Hindi and english version. Check this video out.

You must be my lucky star'Cause you shine on me wherever you are I just think of you and I start to glow And I need your light, and baby you know...Starlight, star bright First star I see tonight Starlight, [star bright] Make everything all rightStarlight, star brightFirst star I see tonightStarlight, [star bright]Yeah...........

My First Blog

Hello ,

A Warm Welcome !
Well That is my first blog. Don't know what to write . So, i tell you what i just finished up. I clicked an ad of SONY while checking my emails and came to know that there are lot of prizes to be won from SONY including T-shirts and the latest Walkman. So, for this ; i have to clear 6 rounds that i successfully cleared. Yo ! I also downloaded wallpapers , screensaver and ringtone for Sony Ericsson K700i mobile. Do i sound like stupid ? mmmmmmm ok i tell you what i am doing on cyberworld....well i am collecting Madonna's videos.....yes ! i think half are done and half has to be done. I gor some videos from my friend.......let's see if i make my collection..... See you.....hey ! don't forget to write your comments and meanwhile you can click some of the ads you see on my profile....sounds interesting.....enjoy !